Partner at Citizen Skull Management, developing and managing actors in great jobs. Reading and producing films.  


Liz is super excited to announce she was bought out at Electra Star Talent agency and set up her own management & production business with Citizen Skull. Steering top talent onto amazing projects. This allows her to spend time reading scripts, with a keen ambition to produce and package talent onto films. 


Liz became an owner in the Electra Star Talent agency here in Hollywood, she spent 6 weeks re-branding the agency & talent roster. Show business has always been her life, Liz has managed and mentored many beauty queens, actors and introduced TV presenters/hosts to jobs over the last ten years whilst also in front of the camera. Whilst being passionate about passing on opportunities to the next generation of talent, and turning dreams with individuals into reality.   


September 2017 to present.

Liz joins Hollywood super agent Sid Levin at KABC Talk Radio co-hosting the Sunday evening chat show, each week meeting exciting guests from the Hollywood industry. And hosts a show from Beverly Hills on SKY 671 in the United Kingdom talking shopping and watches. 

Summer-Winter 2017

'Inspire love Liz Fuller' launches on ShopLC. 

 Catch Liz on this shopping Tv Channel with her collection

every 10-12 weeks.  

March/April 2017

What a great month this has been, Liz had the pleasure to host at The 38th Young Artist Awards and meet the next generation of up and coming talent.. 

Feb 2017 

Excited to be launching 'Inspire love Liz Fuller' on ShopLC, waiting for our launch date,  it's set for mid May, and Liz can't wait to travel back to Austin to see the TV family.. 

November 2016

Liz traveled to Jaipur to meet the head designers and manufacturers of jewelry for ShopLC, spending a week taking her hand drawings of 80 pieces and converting them into CAD on the computer for the team. Liz also sourced high quality gemstones, and learnt the polish & cutting methods used for high quality jewelry. Finding time to also visit The Pink Palace and the Amber Fort and dine with the local staff at the factories. 

June 2016

She recently travelled to JCK Exhibition in Las Vegas to pitch her jewelry concept, designs and ideas to ShopLC. Liz has been obsessed with crystals and semi precious stones ever since seeing my mum do crystal healing as a little girl. This collection is her chance to share my knowledge, passion, love and inspiration with jewellery & stone meaning.To not only share unique designs but allowing the stones to uplift & fulfill every woman through their spiritual & emotional meanings and for us to be able to succeed at being the best woman we can be. 

Early 2016

Liz spent time travelling in Australia, enjoying Sydney, The Gold Coast & the Hayman Islands at the Great Barrier Reef, collecting ideas what to do with over 20 years of modelling, presenting and acting experience. Understanding her love and success comes from her depth of character and belief we can all achieve what we want too. Liz here started thinking about one of my greatest loves: gemstones which she has passionately sold and talked about on 5 shopping TV channels over 20 years. 


A new year and exciting times here in Los Angeles, with a lead in the Hollywood Feature Film 'Fason Nou', Liz transforms from the smiley blonde beauty queen into the gruesome ghost Marilyn, who haunts and directs murder in a community. Directed by Romane Simon, produced by Sean Mcarthy, Ben Burke, written by John Watson.
A second Feature already this year, Liz has a supporting role as the Reporter Monica Reyes in film '7 Faces of Jack the Ripper'. A modern day twist on the 125 year old story.
This Christmas time, Liz will be filming a new reality show called 'Le Femme Fatales' for a cable network in USA, directed by Matt Cimber.
Other recent projects Liz has been filming in LA include; a new prank Tv show called "Work'd' for TBS network, where Liz worked with NFL Player Stevie Johnson of Buffalo Bills to set up people. It's a new version of 'Beadles about' for the American audience... It's funny!! with great improv... Liz also just finished filming a new comedy sitcom pilot called 'Let Freedom reign' as the new British neighbour.
As well as joining My V channel which broadcasts in LA direct and live on SKY in the UK. Catch Liz 3 days a week on SKY 664.
 Liz is now fully into the swing of Los Angeles life. Liz recently joined the family of ETV and has just finished filming 4 new shows, giving her opinions on celebrities, life on the red carpets, and Hollywood relationships.
On the acting side Liz has just finished filming her first Hollywood feature film 'A Winters Rose' with Billy Zane, Theresa Russell, Robert Miano, and Paul Sorvino! 2 other short film projects where she played the lead female in both, a webisode 'Veronicas Job' and 'Marissa and Owen'. She is now looking forward to other LA opportunities and is busy reading some scripts, and continuing to film some bits for her friend Director Kino on a 3 year CGI film 'The Road to Xibalba'. We hope Los Angeles is extremely kind to our Welsh girl.
2012:Liz recently filmed a Tv show for the OWN Network called 'Hello Again' transforming and helping 8 homeless people have a second chance and reunite with society. Hopefully this will become a full commission and what a project for Liz being able to transform, inspire and befriend unique individuals.There were tears on both sides! 
Liz has also filmed the lead 'Ronnie' in 'The Revenant' with Award winning film maker Joaquin Gil, and starred the lead bombshell in Grandmas Cookies Tv commercial (grandma turns into a sexy Liz).
March 2011: Liz is now living in Los Angeles after signing with IMG Talent in NY and LA for hosting . As well as securing a new manager, and Acting agent HRI. Liz is very excited at this new challenge of living abroad, and is busy meeting with the major networks and production companies.
Feb 2011: Liz sold on once again the assets of Miss Great Britain, after building an interactive portal for the next generation of starlets and successfully drove the nations pageant onto a super new level , straight onto primetime Sky One in the new Louie Spence 'Showbusiness'.
 2010: was all about building Miss Great Britain and what a year it was! Tears, pain, laughter, new friends and discovering new talent.Liz spent the year travelling the United Kingdom meeting 2000 girls with dreams, and throughout all, one girl really stood out! Liz has taken under her wing the new Miss British Model 2011 Charlotte Campbell whom Liz will be guiding and managing along her career!    Liz also regularly appears on The Jewellery Channel when back in the UK.
Liz has commited to star as "Alice" in the Steampunk fantasy "The Road to Xibalba", an all-CGI adventure romance with Mayan undertones for which she will become a new sexy type of "toon" in a Victorian Sci-Fi world. Liz has also signed to star in the new film The Operative: Red Dawn alongside Craig Fairbass. More news soon...
Liz has also just hosted the Richard Attenborough Film Awards in Soho this past January.  Liz Fuller not only an actress since she was young on stage. Liz is also a warm welsh TV host/ presenter with a huge heart. Liz has presented many TV shows on different networks(BBC, ITV, ITV 1 Wales, Sky) and has just finished hosting / presenting BrainBox for ITV (United Kingdom), UTV (rep of Ireland) and ETV (South Africa), as well as QuizCall on Channel 5 .Both shows became hugely successful and well followed because of Lizs warmth, quick wit and personality. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2022849/ 
Liz is a budding philanthropist, and has just come back from charity causes in China and India.The former Miss Great Britain is also the face of PEARL DROPS Replenishing whites toothpaste worldwide, the TV commercial has recently gone to 5 other countries as well as the UK.
Saturday, 15 November 200
Liz enjoyed entertaining & trading at the Icap Charity day with Prince Harry, London Mayor Boris Johnson, Emma Forbes, Kate Humble, Dani Behr and Olympian Mark Foster.  Liz closed some important deals herself, one phone call made £12k for Icap charities. As well as joining Mark Foster sing karaoke 'Hey Big Spender' and Sexbomb' on the trading floor!!The day in total globally raised £11million.
Catch Lizs 4 part series on FashionTV following her as she shoots her new international campaign as the face of 'Dream' Perfume by french couture designer Rachel Elbaz. Also look out for her image all across London this winter. Liz will adorn billboards, buses, tv here in the UK, Paris, Moscow, Dubai with 'Dream'.
Saturday, 19 April 2008
Liz has just returned from China after joing Olivia Newton-Johns team walking the length of the Great wall of China. Thank you for all your support,Liz helped raise just under £15k for Olivias charity.Please continue to support the team out there, Dannii Minogue, Sir Cliff Richard etc..
After an emotional walk through the desert with deep conversations and much thought for friends and family who have suffered because of cancer. The trip has been one of great success and achievement for Liz, with 2 long walks totalling about under 18k, 14k in one walk with desert heat and sweat, and dust storms !!!!. Liz joined in at stage 3, and has come back to present her show Quizcall Sat nights Channel 5. The rest of the team will continue through another 3 stages, please continue to support and sponser at www.greatwalktobeijing.com
Already this year Liz has been instrumental and helped raise just under £30k for a selection of charities, Hope foundation/Asharan Orphanage, Cancer Research UK, and Olivias cancer charity.
Join Liz next in Battersea Race For Life ( Cancer Research Uk) on May 7th...
Wednesday, 30 January 2008
Instead of joining her friends in St Barthes, Liz decided to visit 3 Delhi orphanages over the new year and was very happy to bring a smile to many of the children,as well as sacks full of balloons,pens, pencils, art pads, chocolates and sweets. Her heart goes out to Jolly and Saji who run The Asharan Orphanage, part of the Hope Foundation who do an amazing job and really do care so much for the children in their care. It was the most meaningful day Liz has ever spent and hopes it made a small difference to the children.Back home in the UK Liz has become an ambassador for the NCH charity and hopes to help some underpriviledged kids here too..
Liz will star in the new film Sleeper (2009) as a news reporter.More news will follow soon..
We are also pleased to announce Liz has just signed a deal to be the Face of Pearl Drops worldwide, catch the advert on prime time tv. Pearl Drops has just launched in 5 other countries including Australia, South Asia and Switzerland.
 Liz is now an Ambassador for Cancer Research UK and hosted the Rugby Legends Lunch Sept 12th with Phil Kearns, Scott Quinnell and Jason Lennard.Helping raise thousands for an extremely worthwhile charity.
Breaking News! Liz will be the new face of Lalique! The beautiful french crystal brand. Liz launched the new jewellery range at Ascot this year.
Liz will be hosting the premiere of 'Transformers' at Empire Leicester Square on Friday 22nd July, introducing Michael Bay and the cast.
Liz will be a special guest invited to the 47th Monaco Tv Festival Awards dinner this Thursday 14th June
Sunday, 29 April 2007
Catch Liz on 2 shows for the BBC, 'Inside Out' BBC 1 examining the single life and why more of the UK population are choosing to stay unmarried.
 And on 'See Hear' BBC 2 as the head judge for 'Miss Deaf UK'.  As a former Miss Great Britain and in more recent years an ex-owner of Miss GB, Liz has also been advising and organising behind the scenes with Miss Deaf UK. On choosing the judging panel, Liz has gone for some very close friends who are at the top of their field and also some controversial colourful characters, Linzi Stoppard, Scott Henshall, Hofit Golan, Cat Mcqueen, Bobby Davro, Neville, Jonathan Lipman.
Saturday, 28 April 2007
Liz will be once again be the anchor presenter bringing Quiz Call back on FIVE!!!
After launching QUIZ CALL on Channel FIVE, Liz made her decision recently when offered another job, to stand by and wait for QuizCall to get recommissioned, it did and the wait paid off.
QuizCall will also broadcast on Five Life and Five US channels.
Sunday, 11 February 2007
Liz will be covering London Fashion Week this week for the welsh media. Catch Lizs exclusive interviews backstage (here with Julien Macdonald) in the next issue of'Wales on Sunday'.
Also this week Liz will be hosting Cancer Research UK Annual Quiz Night at St Georges Medical School, helping to raise lots of money for one of her chosen charities.

Friday, 02 February 2007
This week Liz has taken back to her roots of modelling and will be the lead model for French Couture designer 'Rachel Elbaz' at the Bulgarian Embassy Tuesday 27th February. And finishing the show with a spectacular wedding dress.!!
New ....Liz will also shoot the next commercial for whitening toothpaste 'Pearl Drops' .
Sunday, 03 December 2006
Liz has just finished filming 'Asbo Teen to Beauty Queen' for Channel Five with the lovely Beverley Turner. A fascinating transformation show.Check out show Wed Dec 6th!  

Monday, 27 November 2006
Liz played in Celebrity Netball Sevens last Sunday with Hannah Sandling, Penny Lancaster, Kelli from Liberty x, Danielle LLoyd , Ashlynne, Vivianna and Jodie Marsh amongst others.
Friday, 10 November 2006
Liz was pleased to host the James Bond charity premiere of 'Casino Royale' at Bafta this month. With special guests Honor Blackman and Lawrence Dallaglio, Liz helped raises £45K for beneficary charity 'MediCinema'.
Also Liz hosted the Welsh Charity Premiere of 'Casino Royale' at Vue Cinema in her home city of Swansea on Wed 15th November. Money raised also went to MediCinema charity.
Monday, 03 July 2006
Armed with her BA degree in Journalism from Cardiff Uni, Liz has already started writing her own entertainment column. Catch it every week in the Wales On Sunday newspaper.
Liz gives us the lowdown on her busy schedule and the entertainment gossip in London.So far, Liz has interviewed Jade Goody, Stefan Johansson (F1/ Le Mans), Dynamite,and covered Capital radios Glamour, Goals and Glitz party, Liz opening Race For Life for Cancer Research, and Shelter Cymru' 25th Birthday.
In fact who better to write about whats going on at parties, events, charity nights, fashion shows and premieres.
Saturday, 01 July 2006
Liz is extremely proud to have been asked to be the new ambassador for Shelter Cymru Charity back home in her native country.
With 20,000 children living in unfit and poor conditions at home, Liz has stepped in to help raise the profile of this advice and solution Charity.
"I felt particularly touched on this news and had to get involved, I was extremely lucky to have a great start in life and wanted to make sure as many kids back home can live in a stable and comfortable environment where they can laugh, dream, look forward to the future and be happy in the present."
This summer, Liz has also done a photo shoot which was for every Welsh newspaper in circulation.
Monday, 22 May 2006
Liz is proud to be hosting the Swansea Bay Film Festival. The awards ceremony will be on Thursday June 8th celebrating all the recent welsh language and welsh made films. Chris Hawkins BBC Radio/ LBC will co-host with Liz in her home town. The Festival will start on monday 5th and run for the week. So far there have been 163 entries from all over the world.
Do check out www.swanseabayfilmfestival.co.uk
Monday, 27 March 2006
Liz recently has been in America filming for new TV show 'TOP DECK'. A magazine tv show exploring all water sports and crafts.
Liz has been covering luxury super yachts and fast power boats. What a job!!Keep it here for all the latest news on this new world wide tv project....
Saturday, 08 October 2005
NEW!! Liz has just sold her shares at Miss Great Britain !!!! and no longer is part of the business.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last month Liz was one of the judges on the celebrity star studded judging panel saturday 25th february 2005 at the Great Room, Grosvenor House Hotel, Mayfair for the Miss Great Britain Final. Other judges include:
Liz a former Miss GB herself took over the business last April 2005 and reinvented it back into the showbusiness spotlight.Liz has now just sold her shares.
Liz has also done all the live presenting of the Miss Great Britain Tour across the UK, in the search to find the 50 most beautiful girls to compete in the prestigious competition Miss Great Britain.
Monday, 26 September 2005
Liz is the current face of  Tahari ladies wear (usa) the campaign was shot in New York last christmas for the current Autumn Winter 2005/06.
Liz recently with her passion for fashion started on QVC as one of their fashion experts.
Monday, 26 September 2005
Check out the latest copy of Reg Transfers magazine. Liz divulges her passion for cars and talks about her first own production 'Numberplate Heaven' the successful show on Men and Motors on Sky. To get your copy of the magazine click here
With regards to the new car show pilot for MTV we will keep you posted, a joint venture with Elo from TKO.
Tuesday, 05 July 2005
Liz was featured on Tonight with Trevor Macdonald on ITV 1 last week on a special show, analysing whether the high street rip off designer clothes  
LIZ IN ALLERGY MAGAZINE Check out Allergy Magazine where Liz talks about her yearly constant battle with hayfever, and how she copes.
Website: www.allergymagazine.com