The 'Inspire' collection is a life long ambition from Liz, to create jewelry using semi-precious gemstones with their emotional meanings. Capturing the energy life force of the stones in designs which symbolize their power. 

 Liz has years of enthusiasm and knowledge of using certain gems for elevating energy and boosting moods. 

Having hosted & spoken passionately on jewellery on 5 shopping TV channels (Auction World, QVC UK, The Jewellery Channel, ShopLC, & My V Channel) over the last 16 years; this collection is the fruition of everything Liz has loved and been influenced by herself. A collaboration with ShopLC over the last 8 months, Liz has designed all 80 pieces, working tirelessly from meetings in London, Las Vegas, Los Angeles to Jaipur and now to the TV studio in Austin, Texas.

Liz is excited to show and hopes you will not only love her designs, cherish the high quality & hand selected stones, feel & absorb the energy but above all wishes to inspire you to succeed with all your own dreams and feel fulfilled.